Staff Experience

Our staff have strong experience on aerial mapping, GIS system development, GIS data collection and analysis etc.
Project Details
The City Government of the Nanchang
Eco-City Planning of the Nanchang of the JiangXi Province of the PRC

Used GIS, remote sensing system and GPS to develop the landuse-habitat map and pollution source spatial database for the city. The study area has over 7000 km2 of varied landuse developments. The project had made used SPOT-5 and Landsat 7 ETM+ satellite data to carry out supervised classification on the major landuses of the city. It had also developed a customised GIS for the client by using the ArcGIS and MapObject, to provide an interface to access all sorts of created environmental data of the city.  Part of the service was to provide technical  support and trainings to the local users to improve their GIS operating capability.