Staff Experience

Our staff have strong experience on aerial mapping, GIS system development, GIS data collection and analysis etc.
Project Details
Ministry of Roads, Transportation, Construction and Urban Develo
Southeast Gobi Urban and Border Town Development Project: Package A3, Consulting Services

The sub-consultant will oversee and manage the mapping and GIS tasks under the project. Specifically, the sub-consultant will:

  1. Provide guidance to the local Digital Mapping Specialist on the creation / modification of base maps for the master planning exercise
  2.  Design the Geographic Information System for the master planning, Task Package 2. In cooperation with the local specialists, select the software, determine variables to be included in the GIS and the types of data to be entered.
  3. Provide oversight to the local specialists in creating the GIS through data entry.
  4.  Oversee the GIS-related urban development analysis work.
  5.  Prepare the relevant mapping / GIS sections of the Task Package 2 reports.