Staff Experience

Our staff have strong experience on aerial mapping, GIS system development, GIS data collection and analysis etc.
Project Details
Drainage Services Department
Engineer Inspections (EI) and Stability Assessment for Maintenance of DSD Slopes (2008-2011) and Survey Extent Map for Slope Drain Inspection, CE 59/2008(GE)

Designed and built a customised GIS application for the Drainage Services Department to derive the zone of influence (ZOI) which based on topology, slope orientation, drainage pipeline and manhole location. The ZOI represents the potential impact zone during leakage of drainage pipe on slope area. Automated map printing functionality was developed in ArcGIS to have auto batch publishing of the ZOI plan into survey extent map. The scope of work included over 4,500 numbers of slope area disseminated in different part of Hong Kong. Part of the services was to retrieve pipeline attribute information from the Intergraph Gtech AM/FM drainage pipeline network into GIS for auto reporting.