Staff Experience

Our staff have strong experience on aerial mapping, GIS system development, GIS data collection and analysis etc.
Project Details
Delhi Jal Board (DJB)
Consultancy Services for Preparation of Master Plan for Sewerage System of Delhi for the Year 2031

Design and supervise the spatial database development of the sewerage treatment network which included over 5000km long sewers for 1600 colonies in Delhi, such that it can provide sanitary service to those 30% of the un-sewered population of Delhi by 2031. Parts of the service was to compile field surveyed data i.e. topographic, census, geotechnical investigation, habitat, pollution sources and socio-demographic etc..into proper GIS format, which later will be migrated into the existing enterprise spatial database of the DJB.
Another major GIS service of the project is to facilitate the integration of the Bentley’s SewerGEMs hydraulic model into the ESRI ArcGIS desktop platform, such hydraulic model have been adopted by DJB as departmental standard for design and planning of sewerage network. Providing GIS guidance in term of data model forming, hydraulic model operation workflow, layout plan generation as well as instrumentation monitoring to the water engineering teams for implementation of the modelling work