Staff Experience

Our staff have strong experience on aerial mapping, GIS system development, GIS data collection and analysis etc.
Project Details
Indian Government
Consultancy for the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), DMIC

Our Staff helped DMIC mandates the use of advanced computer based dynamic 3D-model driven approach for the detailed planning, design, engineering, construction, and operation of the DMIC nodes to allow simulation, visualization and engineering analysis of all transportation, utility, building, civil works and geospatial infrastructures. This includes an aggregate dynamic 3D information model for the city infrastructure systems with 3D building models, 3D civil infrastructures, 3D models for rail, roads and underground and aboveground utilities systems participating. 3D infrastructure modelling tools shall be used to develop and produce project models and simulations (e.g. in case of natural calamity etc.) as required for submittals. The 3D Infrastructure Information Models are to be used throughout the design, construction and operational life-cycle of the asset, including but not limited to, for system collision detections, materials quantification, construction sequencing, and carbon impact analysis. 3D infrastructure models use shall be maximized for project reviews, decision support, design analysis, and quality assurance during all phases of this program.