Ambit Geospatial Solution

  • GIS Transport Services
    GIS Transport Services
    • Build expert model of transport
    • assessment such as traffic flow/best
    • path etc. with GIS system and do
    • corresponding analysis.
  • GIS Environmental Services
    GIS Environmental Services
    • Build expert model of environmental
    • impact assessment such as
    • noise/flood/sunlight etc. with GIS system
    • and do corresponding analysis.
  • GIS Urban Planning Services
    GIS Urban Planning Services
    • Build urban planning expert model with
    • 3D GIS tool and develop urban planning
    • system for easy doing urban plan.
  • Data Collection and Compilation Services
    Data Collection and Compilation Services
    • Collect aerial, MMS and other data with
    • professional device and do compilation
    • and analysis
  • Vexcel Large-Scale Image Acquisition
    Vexcel Large-Scale Image Acquisition
    • The UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Essential
    • and Premium have been developed as
    • the best possible camera systems at
    • Vexcel Imaging.
  • UAV Services
    UAV Services
    • SP-1 MKIII/Quadcopter with 2
    • photogrametry cameras
    • one vertical and another oblique
    • Image resolution can reach 20Mb
    • Flight time can reach 45 minutes
    • LT-1/ Fixed wing UAV with high quality camera
    • Image resolution can reach 24 Mb and flight time can reach 1 hour.
  • MMS Services
    MMS Services
    • UltraCam Mustang/9 cameras collecting
    • stunning high-resolution 360° panoramic
    • imagery at up to 8 frames per second
    • The UltraCam Panther is under redesign
    • and will be coming back allowing even
    • more efficient 3D reality capture from every perspective.
  • 3D Modeling Services
    3D Modeling Services
    • Digital Photogrammetry Modelling
    • Satellite Image Supply and Procurement
    • Satellite Image Multi-Spectrum Analysis
    • Image Orthorectification
    • Oblique Photogrammetry Modelling
    • Terrestrial LiDAR Data Acquistion
    • LiDAR DEM & DSM Applications